Distinctive Assets has established a reputation for providing spectacularly lavish gifts to celebrities at the world’s biggest award shows and special events. Foundational to our success has been our commitment to a broad range of philanthropies. Over the years, we have helped raise significant funds through auctions, raffles and direct gifts for the wonderful and inspiring organizations listed below:

Jump & Ball • American Heart Association • CHIDEO-the charity network • AIDS Service Center • American Cancer Society • American Red Cross • Los Angeles Unified School District • Hip Hop Sisters Foundation • Avon Breast Cancer Foundation • Best Buddies • Broadway Cares • CoachArt • Coalition on Donation Comedy for a Cure • Los Angeles Free Clinic • DreamStreet • Laughing Matters • GLAAD • Tiger Woods Foundation • Hillsides • Habitat for Humanity • HollyRod Foundation • Human Rights Campaign • Hurricane Katrina Relief • Keller Williams Cares • PETA • MusiCares • Pasadena Unified School District • The Los Angeles Police Department • Project Angel Food • Step Up • Susan G. Komen • Music Rising • Tulare Kings HCOC • Victoria Rowell Foster Care Foundation • Virginia Avenue Project • Dress for Success • Animals for Adoption • Malibu Special Education Foundation • Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance • The GRAMMY Museum • St. Vincent’s Meals on Wheels

Most of our philanthropic affiliations come to us by way of our clients and corporate partners and are determined at least a year in advance. If you are interested in having your organization considered for a product donation and are not a client, please contact us at Due to the overwhelming number of requests, we cannot guarantee a response to every solicitation. However, we will contact you if we are able to support your organization in some way.